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Vita sonic toothbrush effectively cleans teeth and at the same time pleasantly massages your gums. For your perfect and healthy smile.
It offers 5 different programs:
Clean- classic cleaning and plaque removal
Soft- reduced strength for sensitive teeth and gums
White- stain removal and whitening
Massage- gentle massage of the gums
Gum Care- increases blood circulation to the gums
All programs have a two-minute interval of operation with a 30-second signal to clean each quadrant of the oral cavity.

Toothbrush mechanism
You can choose between two different brush heads.
Medium brush head has cross-oriented bristles with rounded tips that enable effective cleaning and polishing of tooth surfaces.
Medium brush head has thinner spiral bristles for gentler care of sensitive gums and targeted cleaning of enlarged interdental spaces.
Both types of brush heads are tilted by 10° from the vertical for easier access to the back teeth.
Toothbrush Head
Vita Sonic Toothbrush

Vita sonic toothbrush

A high-frequency motor is built into the brush, which operates with a maximum of 38,000 vibrations per minute.
Vita is charged inductively on the provided charging station with USB cable. The capacity of a charged Li-Ion battery after an 8-hour charging cycle allows operation for several weeks. The battery has a built-in overcharge protection.
The IPX7 level of electrical protection means that the brush is waterproof and that you can also safely use it in the shower.
Toothbrush Heads
Brush head fatures bristles made from high-quality, purpose-developed, medical-grade filament material from DuPont.
The back of the brush head is designed for easier cleaning of the tongue. It is encasulated with a silicone coating to ensure a gentler touch on opposing teeth.
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